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Since 1939

Its origins date back to the year 1939 in the Andalusian town of Estepa with the setting up of a traditional Christmas sweets factory. Thanks to their high quality their products have become a classic on the Christmas table of the Spanish homes.

In the year 1975 a new facility is built. The next generation will set as their goals to increase production, to design new products, to consolidate the distribution network and to create new jobs.

All the knowledge acquired through the decades on the Christmas sweets sector will be applied to the new field of functional nutrition. Indeed, the organoleptic needs of the customers will be much taken into account as a legacy from the previous period. The flavor, texture and visual presentation acquire new importance with the purpose of fully satisfying the customers beyond the functional advantages of the product. These are therefore the founding stones for a new business project with an international spirit and a unequivocal commitment to I+D+i.

In 2001 Aurora Intelligent Nutrition is born, and it rapidly becomes a reference as manufacturers for other brands of functional nutrition products for such sectors as nutrition, dietetics and sports.