Aurora Intelligent Nutrition, supplements manufacturer: The use of natural colorants

Natural colorants are an excellent choice for products that seek to offer healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly products. Natural colorants, unlike artificial colorants, are extracted from natural sources, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Consumer trends in 2023 will be marked, once again this year, by health and clean label concerns. This implies that consumers will be more and more demanding with the claims and labeling texts associated with the product, so that artificial colorings are becoming less and less popular.

At Aurora Intelligent Nutrition we manufacture and develop matrices with natural colorants:

At Aurora Intelligent nutrition we are as manufacturers and developers of bars, gummies, creams, flapjacks, capsules, tablets, pearls, powders, gels and vials.

We develop and manufacture natural and healthy products

Some of the most characteristic natural dyes are:

  • Curcumin: Powder obtained by drying and grinding the rhizomes of turmeric, it is a species of yellow color and characteristic aroma.
  • Betanina: A dark red colorant obtained by pressing and extraction from red beets.
  • Chlorophyllin: It is the natural green obtained from alfalfa. Chlorophyllin is a mixture of copper salts sodium that comes from chlorophyll.
  • Beta-carotene: They are pigments that belong to the carotenoid group, which are responsible for the yellow, orange or red colors present in many foods.

Aurora Intelligent Nutrition manufacturer and trend setter

Natural colorants are increasingly popular ingredients in the food industry. They are a safe alternative as they contain no chemicals or artificial preservatives which makes them a great choice for a product intended for a healthy eating public.

At Aurora Intelligent Nutrition, we develop and manufacture tailor-made functional products. Contact with us to discover everything we have to offer. 

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