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Our layer protein bar with probiotics awarded at Vitafoods 2023
Vitafoods Europe 2023 brings together the leading european companies and we took advantage of the event to present its latest innovation.

Our layer protein bar with probiotics was awarded at Vitafoods 2023. We won the first “Vitafoods Tasting Center Awards 2023” with our protein bar with caramel flavored coating and probiotics. The event was held in Geneva from May 9 to 11, 2023 and, as every year, brought together all the industry leaders.

Once again this year, Vitafoods Europe 2023 brings together the leading companies in the nutraceutical and functional food sector. At Aurora Intelligent Nutrition, we took advantage of the event to present its latest innovation… A protein bar with probiotics, a delicious multilayer bar with a caramel-flavored tongue inside!

The new protein bar with probiotics was a hit with trade show attendees

The new protein bar with probiotics was not only a hit with trade show attendees, but was also awarded Best Tasting Functional Food 2023, thanks to its delicious taste and innovative functionality. This recognition is a testament to Aurora Intelligent Nutrition’s commitment to offering cutting-edge products that perfectly match the trends and needs of today’s market.

Aurora Intelligent Nutrition, a developer of probiotic products

More and more studies support the benefits of probiotics and the crucial importance of the microbiota for consumers’ health. Their use is becoming more and more widespread and products containing this ingredient are experiencing great success in the market.

Aurora Intelligent Nutrition, the protein bar experts

The combination of 29% of proteins and probiotics with an irresistible caramel and chocolate cream flavor make this bar an irresistible product. Its texture, flavor and functionality are not the only things that differentiate it from other bars on the market, in addition, it contains no added sugars. All this makes it the perfect snack for consumers looking for a healthy diet without giving up great taste.

“We are proud to have won this award that endorses the innovation, functionality and taste of our product” says Jesus Bravo, International Sales Director of Aurora intelligent Nutrition “In our company, we do not conceive functional food without innovation, and this recognition reflects the great effort of our team that strives to continue growing day after day”.

Aurora Intelligent Nutrition, functional food manufacturers

Aurora Intelligent Nutrition, a company specialized in the development and manufacture of functional food products and customized food supplements, has as its main objective to provide added value to its customers, focusing on quality and innovation.

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